2 Truths and a Lie… Bandie Edition!

I’m constantly amazed by the incredible diversity of experiences and interests that our band has, and every time I think I know what the band as a whole is like, I find out something new. This group of people is remarkably weird and unique, and this post is dedicated to highlighting some of this in the current membership.

Listed below are a number of different bandies. Each gave me 2 truths and a lie about themselves. Your job is to figure out which is the lie! Answers are at the bottom. Or, you can take the quiz here.


Jeeves E. ’18

  1. He knew how to play all the major brass instruments coming into Princeton.
  2. He used to need glasses, but then his eyes got better on their own.
  3. He feels colors when he looks at numbers.


Mariel V. ’16

  1. She has worked over 20 Theatre Intime shows.
  2. She knows a classified government secret.
  3. She was once featured on TV for being amazing at Sudoku.

Carolyn B. ’18

  1. She has never eaten peanut butter.
  2. After Princeton, she plans to become a priest.
  3. She got a tattoo at age 7.


Adam K. ’19

  1. He was once swept out by the ocean while jumping waves despite both his parents holding his hands.
  2. When first learning to drive, he got on a highway on a left lane merge and was too nervous to switch lanes, so he stayed in the left lane for 20 miles until a left exit came up.
  3. He was once in a race where the starting gun needed to be reloaded while it was raining which then turned into hail, but stopped by the time the gun was reloaded.

Abhiram K. ’19

  1. He was almost run over by a cement mixer… twice.
  2. He has a pilot’s license.
  3. He won an award in high school for “Best Cowboy Storyteller”.


Erika D. ’17

  1. She was a 2-time state Latin Oratory champion.
  2. She is a black diamond skier.
  3. She has climbed a Hawaiian volcano.


Angeline J. ’16

  1. She was once on a sinking boat.
  2. She has been identified as a “wanted person” to PSafe officers.
  3. She owns a digeridoo.


Maria W. ’18

  1. She learned to swim before age 2.
  2. She fed a lion on her trip to Africa.
  3. She toured Europe with a band once.


Vanessa S. ’16

  1. She once threw an icicle and hit a kid in the head with it.
  2. She almost set her house on fire.
  3. She has lifted an anaconda with her bare hands in the Amazon.


Bennett M. ’16

  1. He was once detained by Czech police without his passport.
  2. He listed Wikipedia as his favorite website on his Princeton application.
  3. He comes from a long line of bagpipers.


And finally, Nick R. ’18

  1. He has only ever seriously injured himself once, playing volleyball in high school with 3rd graders.
  2. He is an official member of the Orange Julius Fan club.
  3. He was once in a long-distance relationship without realizing it.

Jeeves: 1 is the lie! He has number-color synesthesia. He has taught himself mello, tuba, and trumpet while at Princeton.

Mariel: 3 is the lie! She worked as a US Senate Page one summer, and the emergency procedures for the Capitol that she had to learn are technically classified. She wasn’t featured for being amazing at Sudoku, but her math teacher was featured on TV for using Sudoku as a learning supplement, and she was in the clip.

Carolyn: 1 is the lie! She has eaten peanut butter, but only at the doctor’s when closely monitored by an allergist. Her brother has a severe nut allergy, so she grew up without nuts.

Adam: 2 is the lie! When first getting on the highway while learning to drive, he gripped the steering wheel really hard, but he didn’t stick in the left lane for that long.

Abhiram: 2 is the lie! Twice, he was practicing driving and failed to see a cement mixer coming at him in the intersection.

Erika: 3 is the lie! She hasn’t climbed a Hawaiian volcano, but really wants to!

Angeline: 1 is the lie! If you visit Australia, by definition you basically have to bring back a digeridoo. Her being called a “wanted person” was related to the Band Van and damage to a University vehicle.

Maria: 2 is the lie! She went on a tour with American Music Abroad, and the group went around to 5 different countries and played and did touristy things. She did go to Africa, and did feed elephants, giraffes, and alpacas, but no lions :(.

Vanessa: 1 is the lie! Rice-a-Roni and not enough water almost led to a house fire. She was assisted by 10 other people in lifting the anaconda, but it still counts! And while she never hit anyone in the head with an icicle, her roommate did!

Bennett: 3 is the lie! He got lost on his way to a hostel in Prague on an IIP and wandered into a no-pedestrian tunnel, thinking it would take him across the river. In actuality, it took him 2 miles out of the city in the wrong direction. About a mile in, he realized he was probably not supposed to be there, and the cops were waiting for him on the way out, charged him 1000 CzK (about $50) and gave him a ride to the hostel. The Scottish side of his family comes via Cuba, where they engaged in more revolutions than bag-piping.

Nick: 1 is the lie! The Orange Julius club had a free application with guaranteed acceptance, and now they send him coupons every month via email. He didn’t break his wrist, he fractured it, and it was while playing Duck, Duck, Goose. For the truth about him being in a long distance relationship without knowing it, I’ll let Nick explain in his own words:

“A few years ago in early high school, I sent a friend of mine in England a generic Valentine’s Day message, generic to the extent that my best friend in high school described it as, “I could’ve sent it to my sister.” My friend responded with a pretty long response that I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret, so I just continued emailing her as normal without asking. That was a very big, very stupid mistake; turns out she was actually trying to declare her love for me and took my lack of asking for interpretation as my acceptance of it, thus starting a long-distance relationship that I wasn’t aware of. Around summertime we ended up not talking as often due to my not being online as often, and she got heartbroken. She sent me an email out of the blue towards the end of August of that year that said that she was upset and has found someone else to be with, which was the first time I had heard that we were apparently together for seven months. Looking back on it now, I realize that there were various things she did and said that should have cued me that she thought we had a deeper relationship than just friendship (for instance, her signing every email with “all my love,” or extensive conversations about what we’d do if she visited America or I visited Britain), but I was even more oblivious to things then than I am now. At the time I thought that she was overreacting a bit, but the more I think about it to this day, the more awful I feel about the whole situation. I sent her a heartfelt apology, but she never responded to it; in fact, the whole situation was never brought up again (which I don’t know if that’s for better or for worse, frankly). I haven’t heard from her in a long time now, but I hope she’s alright. Last I heard, she was going to try to get into the fashion industry (which involved moving stateside) and she was still with the same boyfriend that she “broke up” with me for (making a five- or six-year relationship between them). As for me, I still say that I’ve never been in a relationship before, though I apparently was at one point with a smart, funny, good-looking English girl.”


How many did you get right?

*Photo credits for Angeline, Maria, Vaness, and Nick to Lucinda P. ’18