Brown game!


On Friday, we beat Brown 78-60. On Saturday, we beat Yale 67-63 in a white-knuckled nail-biter. It was great.

But look at what we had to endure to get there. So much snow!

That has got to be at least a foot and a half of snow. Crazy.

Awww this is super-adorable.

How cute! L Yankowitz '13 and her sheep.

Action shot!

Left: Alec Slatky '12; Right: Simon Krauss '11; Front: The Mace

“If you lick the whiteboard I will nominate you for Grossest Member!”

Band Council will look FAVORABLY upon your licking this whiteboard. Left: Nicole Rafidi '12; Right: Dillon Reisman '14.:
Some Sophomore Boys. Left to right, Nicholas Burton '13 making a funny face, Michael Bishop '13 smiling nicely he gets bonus points, Sterling Chu '13 making a funny face but hopefully you didn't need me to tell you that. :).

Pictures provided by Sterling Chu ’13.

Dean’s Date 2011! And some games too.

We have had an exciting year so far, Band! Congrats freshmen on completing your first semester, you made it. How did Dean’s Date treat you? Let’s consult the photographs:

Sitting in libraries writing frantically on Dean’s Date Eve:

write write write write write
We are so studious, Band! Look at us and our papers. And by studious I mean good at playing the toilet seat. And by papers I mean music.

Running papers into the professor’s office with minutes to spare:

It is 4:55 let me run from Forbes to hand this in at McCosh! Totally do-able.
Low Brass 101: Getting Those Papers In On Time And Looking Super-Cool in the Process.

The Holder Howl, only instead we are in Blair Arch. And instead of yelling we are playing drums. And we are wearing cooler outfits.

Arch gig on Dean's Date Eve. Perfection.

And in other news, the official Drum Major hat is a big hit with the young children in the crowd. Alec Slatky ’12 has been signing autographs left and right! Photo by Dillon Reisman ’14.

Awww how cute! "Your Friend, Shark Guy" Alec Slatky '12.

Spirit Fingers! Photos from our game against The College Of New Jersey (we won 73-40).

Whoosh! From closest-to-camera, left to right, Carol Dreibelbis '11, L Yankowitz '13, Andrew Stella '13, Nicole Rafidi '12, Alec Slatky '12.
"Al"! From left to right, Dillon Reisman '14, Carol Dreibelbis '11, L Yankowitz '13, Evan Leichter '13, Elizabeth Nadelman '11, Marcus Theus '12

Photos in this post courtesy of Sterling Chu ’13, unless otherwise indicated.

2010: Another year in the Plaid

2010 has been great! Here is a 2010 year-in-review:


Women’s Basketball Pink Zone game for Breast Cancer Awareness! Lots and lots of pink.

From left to right: Jesse Adams '12, Doug Sprankling '10, cute pink balloon, Mia Tsui '11. Photo by Jacquelyn Nestor '12.


Snow day! The band plays in the snow.

From left to right: Jacquelyn Nestor '12, Mia Tsui '11, Peyton Cline '13. Photo from an album by Jacquelyn Nestor. She has so many good pictures that I can get from Facebook tee hee 🙂

Basketball against Yale at Jadwin Gym. Victory of 82-58.

Emily Moder '13. Picture by Jacquelyn Nestor '12.
Stephen Tuozzolo '12. Picture also by Jacquelyn Nestor '12.


Tallahassee. Woohoo! Here we played for the Women’s Basketball team in the NCAA tournament. Photo by Jacquelyn Nestor ’12.

Left to right. Top: Lucy Reeder '12, Doug Sprankling '10, Michael Bishop '13. Bottom: Kenrick Rilee '13, Rachel Thorman '11, Alec Slatky '12, Matthew Edwards '12, Gaby Stember-Young WCC, Evan Leichter '13.


The Band took an awesome trip to the new Meadowlands Stadium for the Konica Minolta Big City Classic. We played Syracuse… we lost… but it was awesome nonetheless! And the Band went undefeated.

Kristen Davila '11 in the kilt, Mia Tsui '11 in the whitecoat, Rachel Sverdlove '11 with the mace. Photo by our own Hyung Lee '12.


One word. Reunions. I hope to see each and every one of you there this year. It’s going to be great!

Heading to Poe Field. Photo courtesy of David Zaslavsky '08.


Graduation gives us some new cool alumni! Here they are at the P-Rade, with their plaided jackets and everything.

We love our 2010 seniors! From left to right, Andrew Weintraub, David Casazza, Josephine Walker, Doug Sprankling, Julianne Grasso, Mark Cerqueira, and Will Kain '11. Photo by David Zaslavsky '08.


NEW FRESHMEN. They are awesome!

Some of our new members! Top left to right: Dillon Reisman '14, Bonnie Eisenman '14, Chris Warwick '11. Bottom left to right: Wendy Pan '14, Buse Aktas '14, Peyton Morgan '14, Matt Kirschner '14. Picture courtesy of Wendy Pan '14.

And now we have a steel drum player; she is great! We love having new additions to our ever-awesome Garbussion section!

Mandy Lawrence '14. Photo credit to.... me! applause


We were superstars once again at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. Let’s just remember: Orange and black are Princeton colors. Halloween just borrows them for the day… 🙂

A ghost in Greenwich Village.... woooo..... (ghost noises)..... woooo..... Abby Bowman '11. Photo by Alison Lee '13.

Check out the photos from these links! The Band was popular among the paparazzi at this event.


We went to Yale! Another picture from Jacquelyn Nestor ’12, this one featuring some of our alumni!

For those of you that don't know them (ahem freshmen pay attention): Left to right we have RW Enoch (RW) '09, Jeff Bagdis (Bagdis) '08, David Zaslavsky (Zaslav) '08, Joel Thompson '08, Lucas Giron '09, and a 'photobomb' by Anna Condella '12.


Caroling! Santa was in attendance.

Mr. Santa Claus. Photo by Nicole Rafidi '12.

Happy New Year from Santa, and from all of us here at the Princeton University Band.

Santa Claus in full uniform. Photo credit to Gaby Stember-Young WCC.

(Special thanks to Jacquelyn for all of her photos! Thanks so much! If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas/photos you would like me to post, email me at Here’s to another great year!)

Football Season 2010!

I’m Elizabeth Shoenfelt ’13, new Alumni Coordinator, here to update you! Football season has come and gone. Here is the play-by-play:

Final Football Stats: 0-7 Ivy League; 1-9 all games. Band: Undefeated.

We played Crest Aquafresh Sensodyne Aim Oral-B Colgate at home.

Arc-ing up by the new Whitman College. Look at that pretty blue sky!
Scrambling onto the field, it's the Princeton University Band!
'Now that WWI is finally over, it's only a matter of time before WWIII is upon us. Fearing the release of 99 Luftballons as prophesied in German pop star Nina's eponymous song, the Band forms a mushroom cloud and plays '99 Luftballoons.'"

The Homecoming game was against Harvard this year. We performed a flasher routine as always: “Brothel Mechanics” turned into “Bleach the Crimson” turned into “Fight on Old Nassau.” And the crowd went wild! We didn’t earn our bonfire though…

Fight (on Old Nassau).

Our big road trip this season was to Yale. Quite fun. Pictures courtesy of Jacquelyn Nestor ’12.

Good morning, Yale. Here we are in the dining hall.
More dining hall playing. Window silhouettes: Michael Bishop '13 on the left, Nick Burton '13 on the right.
Gabe Eggers '13 catches up on some campus news.

And of course we played in the bookstore!

Yale bookstore. And the band.

And now… basketball and hockey season! We are well underway. Stay tuned!

Tubas at hockey.

A Month Of Firsts!

So even in the Spring Semester the PUB has been busier than ever!  We’ve been going to our usual gigs, but the band has had a lot of amazing firsts in the past month!

By far the coolest thing that the band did in March was travel with the Women’s Basketball Team for the NCAA tournament in Tallahassee, Florida!

We actually flew with the Team, Cheerleaders, and Athletic Staff on a Charter Plane, where our bus drove right up onto the runway to meet us!  VIP Treatment!

When we arrived at the hotel, they were ready for us!  The whole place was decked out with Princeton gear, from banners to even a flag out front!

We arrived in Florida on a Thursday, so to occupy ourselves on Friday we spent the day at Panama City Beach!

Finally it was time for the game vs. St. John’s!

Drummers Gabe Eggers ’13, Hyung Lee ’12, Seth Gordon ’13, Nicole Rafidi ’12, and Matthew Edwards ’12 at the Pep Rally at the hotel!

Lindsey Breuer ’11, Lisa Yankowitz ’13, and Carol Dreibelbis ’11 at the game!

The game may have not turned out for the best, but the band still had an amazing time as always!

Another first for the band was going to  Men’s Volleyball Game!

Devan Kreisberg ’13 and Evan Leichter ’13 at the Men’s Volleyball Game vs. George Mason!

The team had asked us to play, and was really excited/thankful for us to be there!  It was an exciting event that lasted all 5 games, and the band was only hit a couple of times so it was a blast!

Finally, last weekend the band travelled with the Men’s Lacrosse Team to the Big City Classic, where we watched the Tigers lose 4-13 in a painful game, BUT the event was one of the first games in the new Meadowlands Stadium, so it was a great experience in the end! Plus we did escalator gigs before the game, which were awesome!

Seth Gordon ’13, Hyung Lee ’12, and Graham Peigh ’13 at the Big City Classic!

The band will be finishing up the semester, crashing Pre-Frosh events, looking to recruit new members, and gearing up for Reunions!

“Back in My Day…:” A Historical Look at the Band and Basketball

As many of you may know, the band and FoTB (mostly just me, really) are working on compiling a history of the ensemble since 1919.  I’ll be posting topical pieces here to give the band and its alumni a taste of what is being uncovered of the group’s rich and storied past.  Given the flurry of events this week, and hopefully into the coming weeks, I thought I’d take a look at the band’s relationship with the game of basketball.

The Band at the 2004 NCAA Basketball Tournament
Josh Burton '05 (right) and Pat Taylor '06 about to explode at the 2004 NCAA Tournament in Denver.

The band’s relationship with basketball is almost as old as the band itself.  The Daily Princetonian tells us that the band, looking for ways to occupy itself during the off-season, played at its first basketball game on January 28, 1920 against Penn (sucks) in University Gymnasium, just a few months after being founded.  The band, clad only in plainclothes for these early events, continued to play at most home contests from then on, weathering games in frosty Baker Rink when University Gym burnt down, and decades of games in Dillon Gymnasium as Princeton grew into a mid-major powerhouse and perennial “giant killer” in the NCAA Tournament.

The Band at a '50s Basketball Game in Dillon Gym
At a game in Dillon Gym in the '50s

As far as I can tell, the band played at its first NCAA Tournament in 1969, cheering on the eventual semi-finalists in the first three rounds in Philadelphia and College Park, MD.  Here, <> you can find an editable list of the band’s tournament appearances.  Please take a look and let us know about any trips or stories we may not know about.

This week, is a week full of firsts for Princeton basketball and the band.  This evening, the men played in their first ever College Basketball Invitational Tournament game, in Jadwin Gym against Duquesne University.  This was their first postseason bid since 2004, and the band, faithfully on campus for spring break, cheered them onto victory!  They will face Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis on Monday in Indy.  Saturday, the women’s team will play in their first ever NCAA Tournament against St. John’s in Tallahassee, FL.  The band will be joining them, so check back here next week for a trip update from your Alumni Coordinator Jacquelyn Nestor ’12.

This particular trip is an especially big deal for the band because it adds another state to the travel map:


That’s right, the band has never been to sunny Florida before this weekend.  Did you know that in the last 3 years, the band has ventured to 4 states for the first time?  Wisconsin, South Carolina, Minnesota, and now Florida are all on the list.

Check out the women’s team and the band on ESPN2, or online at, this Saturday at 12:21 pm Eastern time!  Then watch the men’s team take on the Jaguars on Monday on HDNet at 7:00 pm Eastern time.


Basketball – February 2009

The band has been faithfully attending Basketball games throughout February, following the ups and downs of the Men’s Basketball team, and the extremely successful Women’s Basketball Season.

After moving briefly into 1st place after defeating Columbia on February 12th, Men’s Basketball fell to Cornell (ranked #22 at the time) in a close 45-48 loss on February 13th.

Along with a wonderful showing by the band, the Jadwin Jungle almost seemed to be back in action as the stands were filled with Princeton students!

On February 16th, the Band took a road trip to the Palestra, and defeated the Quakers 58-51.

White Coats Rachel Sverdlove ’11 and Mia Tsui ’11

On February 19th, in a televised game on ESPNU the Tigers defeated Yale, scoring an unusual 82 points!

Bandmembers made a variety of signs to welcome Yale to Jadwin.

Emily Moder ’13

Anna Condella ’12, Stephen “Skittles” Tuozzolo, and Tom Scherer GS

Unfortunately, despite a great showing by the band the Tigers fell to Brown on Saturday night 54-57.

Gabe Eggers ’13, Sterling Chu ’13, Jesse Adams ’12, Kristen Davila ’11, Doug Sprankling ’10, and Madiba Dennie ’12.

This weekend, the PUB will be supporting the Women’s Basketball team on Friday, and the Men’s Ice Hockey Team with a visit from the Brown Band on Saturday, all while hoping the Men’s Basketball team will be able to defeat Cornell on Saturday!

January 2010

So despite it being Reading Period, and then Dean’s Date, and then Finals Week the PUB has still been keeping busy playing at hockey and basketball games, and encouraging hardworking procrastinators into the last hours of Dean’s Date!

Peyton Cline ’13 plays trombone ontop of Jeff Bagdis ’08 at the Men’s Hockey game against Union.  The Tigers would go on to lose the game 3-7.

Ambushing students on the 3rd Floor of Frist on Dean’s Date Eve.

Serenading students outside of Marquand Library on Dean’s Date Eve.

Jacob Kim ’13 shows some Tiger Spirit playing on Dean’s Date.

The PUB is ready to start up 2nd Semester as the Tiger Teams move into the hardest parts of their seasons!!!

2009 in Review

Hello!  So 2009 have been a pretty crazy year for the PUB, but what year hasn’t?

Here are some highlights from the past year!


Band visits Brown for Men’s Ice Hockey and performs an Ice Show


Band travels to Cornell to watch Men’s Ice Hockey, who beat Cornell with 2 goals in the last 36 seconds of the game.


Band travels to Albany for the ECAC tournament.

Band travels to Minnesota for the first round of the NCAA tournament, to watch the Men’s Ice Hockey team lose their lead in the last second of the game.


Band travels with Men’s Lacrosse in NCAA tournament at Hofstra University against Cornell.

Annual White Castle Meat Product Tolerance Marathon

Reunions (with several P-Rade casualties)




Home game versus Citadel…


Greenwich Village Halloween Parade (IN THE RAIN)


Homecoming versus Yale!

New Officers


Band supports the Men’s Water Polo in the Final Four of the NCAA tournament.

Caroling! (on the Dinky!)