Brown game!


On Friday, we beat Brown 78-60. On Saturday, we beat Yale 67-63 in a white-knuckled nail-biter. It was great.

But look at what we had to endure to get there. So much snow!

That has got to be at least a foot and a half of snow. Crazy.

Awww this is super-adorable.

How cute! L Yankowitz '13 and her sheep.

Action shot!

Left: Alec Slatky '12; Right: Simon Krauss '11; Front: The Mace

“If you lick the whiteboard I will nominate you for Grossest Member!”

Band Council will look FAVORABLY upon your licking this whiteboard. Left: Nicole Rafidi '12; Right: Dillon Reisman '14.:
Some Sophomore Boys. Left to right, Nicholas Burton '13 making a funny face, Michael Bishop '13 smiling nicely he gets bonus points, Sterling Chu '13 making a funny face but hopefully you didn't need me to tell you that. :).

Pictures provided by Sterling Chu ’13.

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