Dean’s Date 2011! And some games too.

We have had an exciting year so far, Band! Congrats freshmen on completing your first semester, you made it. How did Dean’s Date treat you? Let’s consult the photographs:

Sitting in libraries writing frantically on Dean’s Date Eve:

write write write write write
We are so studious, Band! Look at us and our papers. And by studious I mean good at playing the toilet seat. And by papers I mean music.

Running papers into the professor’s office with minutes to spare:

It is 4:55 let me run from Forbes to hand this in at McCosh! Totally do-able.
Low Brass 101: Getting Those Papers In On Time And Looking Super-Cool in the Process.

The Holder Howl, only instead we are in Blair Arch. And instead of yelling we are playing drums. And we are wearing cooler outfits.

Arch gig on Dean's Date Eve. Perfection.

And in other news, the official Drum Major hat is a big hit with the young children in the crowd. Alec Slatky ’12 has been signing autographs left and right! Photo by Dillon Reisman ’14.

Awww how cute! "Your Friend, Shark Guy" Alec Slatky '12.

Spirit Fingers! Photos from our game against The College Of New Jersey (we won 73-40).

Whoosh! From closest-to-camera, left to right, Carol Dreibelbis '11, L Yankowitz '13, Andrew Stella '13, Nicole Rafidi '12, Alec Slatky '12.
"Al"! From left to right, Dillon Reisman '14, Carol Dreibelbis '11, L Yankowitz '13, Evan Leichter '13, Elizabeth Nadelman '11, Marcus Theus '12

Photos in this post courtesy of Sterling Chu ’13, unless otherwise indicated.

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