Band marches on to “Our Director.” Band scatters into ’59 and plays “Here Comes That Tiger.” Band reforms block, does march/countermarch, forms Palmer Stadium, and plays “Stadium Song.” Band forms block and marches off.  


Band marches on to “Gridiron March.” Band scatters into a train, plays “Here Comes That Tiger” which becomes “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” and the train moves. Band marches into a mortarboard. Band marches into a beer mug and plays “Beer Barrel Polka.” Band forms goal posts and plays “On the Hudson” Band forms 9:00 and plays “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.”  

BROWN 1955

Band marches on to “Parade March No. 1.” Band forms B and plays “Brown Cheering Song.” The band countermarches into a Princeton shield, and plays “Come, Ye Men of Princeton.”  


The Princeton University Band marches on with the “St. Louis Blues March.” “St. Louis Blues” Band faces Cornell stands and flashes “CORNELL” with hats and then plays “Give My Regards to Broadway.” Band countermarches to face Princeton stands and plays “When the Saints Go Maching In.” “After saluting the Cornell stands the band will now form a tiger cage, and during the playing of ‘Here Comes That Tiger’ will change its occupant!” (Band forms tiger cage with tiger in it, it breaks loose, catches a “Cornellian” whom he places in the cage.)  


Band marches out to “King Cotton.” Band flashes COLUMBIA to their stands and plays “Roar, Lion, Roar.” Band marches to Princeton side, and plays “There’s a Smile on the Face of the Tiger,” forming the same.  


This afternoon the Princeton Band will present as its half-time show, a scientific and definitive analysis of Ivy League Bandmanship. In the Ivy League, there are some bands that like to march. (Band does marching routine, playing “Give My Regards to Broadway”) And then there are bands that present musical extravaganzas. “Mambo Jambo” (Band mambos)And some Ivy League bands put the emphasis on music and use a (the remainder of this show is missing)  

YALE 1955

(Band marches on to “Happy Go Lucky.”) The Princeton University Band begins its half-time show, a review of college pastimes. (Band forms beer glass)For the Yale rooters, the band is forming a beer glass out of which it will pour “ale.” “Boola Boola” (We pour “ale” out of the “Y” thereby spelling Yale) The Band, now spelling “Yale,” plays “The Wiffenpoof Song.” For Princeton, the band will demonstrate another college pasttime and “Rock around the Clock!” “Rock Around the Clock” (Band forms clock, hands rotate) 


Band marches on to “The Thunderer” Band scatters into D and plays “Sun Dance.” Band marches into 56 and plays “Happy Go Lucky.” Band marches off to “High School Cadets.”