(As band marches out to “Happy Days are Here Again”) Ladies and gentlemen, the Princeton University Band salutes the last fifteen years, a review of significant events during this period. April 1951, General MacArthur, released from his Korean command, defends his policies before Congress. (Band forms Y-A-L-U) The year — 1953. All good Republicans will remember that famous Wisconsin senator’s search for the facts. (Band forms gavel) February, 1945, all good Democrats will remember F.D.R.’s report to the people after the Yalta conference. (Band forms heart) A Prediction for the future: when the present T.V. scandals are over only one unfixed show will remain on the air, good old one and two and three and play and…. “Wunnerfulla Wunnerfulla” (Band forms champagne glass) Finally, the Princeton Band salutes the Dartmouth football team.  


(Band marches out) Ladies and gentlemen, the Princeton University Band presents….There You Are…the re-creation of great moments in history. March Fifteenth, Forty-Four B.C.: Julius Caesar, ignoring his wife’s warning, leaves for the senate. There you are. “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” (Band forms dagger) The year is Eleven-Thirty-Six B.C.: Helen of Troy ponders the progress of the Trojan War. There you are. “I Love Paris” (Band forms heart) June Eighteenth, Nineteen-Forty: Adolph Hitler’s troops skirt the Maginot Line and drive southward. There you are. “I Love Paris” (Band forms Eiffel Tower) October Seventh, Eighteen Eighty-Five: Sigmund Freuid discovers psychoanalysis. There you are. “I’ll See You in My Dreams” (Band forms couch) March Seventeenth, Nineteen Fifty-Nine: Hordes of Yale students stage a Saint Patrick’s Day Riot in New Haven. There you are. (Band forms ‘Y’) 


Ladies and gentlemen, the Princeton University Band salutes the Big K, Mike Kopliner and his proctorial staff. “Billboard March” (Band marches out in a ‘K’) First we see Mike using the new short wave radio system. There’s a riot and Mike summons help. (beeps) Reinforcements arrive to quell the disturbance. “The Parade of Wooden Soldiers” The proctor serves as a guidance counselor. We overhear Mike consoling an undergraduate, just before he enters the Dean’s office. “Heart” (Band forms heart)We recently overheard Sweeny chastizing an 18-year old freshman, whom he caught trying to purchase liquor. “Baby Face” (Band forms ’21’) It is nine-thirty Saturday night. There’s a knock at the door, a girl scurries into a closet, an undergraduate sheepishly opens the door. It’s Axel; he sings — “Hello Young Lovers” (Band forms ‘9’) 

PENN 1959

Ladies and gentlemen, the Princeton University Band presents (fanfare) This is Your Life, Elizabeth Trailer. Just a starlet Liz, you met and married a poor boy from the other side of the tracks named Jilton, whose father Conrad owned several boarding houses. “Stouthearted Men” (Band forms hotel) Recently Liz, you met your present husband and his wife. “Stouthearted Men” (Band forms triangle) Not all of Liz Taylor’s career is social. Last year your fine portrayal of a cat in a recent Kentucky Williams play thrilled all Princetonians. “Stouthearted Men” (Band forms ‘CAT’) In closing Liz, your career has proven one thing. (Band forms heart) 


The Princeton University Band presents — New York Newsreel. (Band forms jail cell) Our newsreel cameras first take you to a jail cell in the 47th precinct, where the Imperial Dragons, one of New York’s finest social clubs, is holding a meeting. Next we go to Yankee stadium where we find Casey Stengel mulling over the Yankee’s third-place finish. (Band forms baseball) Our camera-man was also on hand when Nikita Krushchev took New York by storm with his winning smile. (Band forms ‘K’) Finally, our cameraman overheard Steve Rockefeller whispering into the ear of his new bride. (Band forms heart) 

YALE 1959

Ladies and gentlemen, the Princeton Band salutes that zany era, the Roaring Twenties. “Happy Days are Here Again” In the field of entertainment, who can forget the dance marathons. “I Could Have Danced All Night” (Band forms clock) The date — February 14, 1929. The place — a Chicago garage. Al Capone sends his good friends the O’Bannions a Saint Valentine’s Day gift. “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” (Band forms heart) Then there was the stockmarket — 1927 (Band plays one scale) — 1928 (Band plays) — and then came the crash — (Band forms graph) Finally, there was Princeton’s gift to literature, F. Scott Fitzgerald. “Beer Barrel Polka” (Band forms beer mug)