Ladies and gentlemen, the Princeton University Band presents a great debate. First we hear the candidates discussing the rules for the debate and they both agree on the tactics to be used. (Band forms dagger) Having said that everything is in great shape, Mr. Nixon is the asked about the Congo, Cuba, Laos, Japan, and seventeen million hungry Americans. He replies…. (Band forms question mark) As an older man, we hear Mr. Nixon say this of his opponent’s youthful appearance. (Band forms face) Asked to make a prediction as to the outcome, Mr. Kennedy suggests the song which Mr. Nixon will be singing after election day. (Band forms outline of California) 


The Princeton Band takes a look at recent events on the Princeton Scene. “Going Back” Having defeated Howard Johnson in the 1960 edition of the battle of Princeton, our one and only food czar wraps his tentacles around another food agency. “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands” (Band forms octopus) This week,…we urge you to support the CAMPUS FUND DRIVE. This year’s goal is an estimated $26,00 will go for lung cancer research. The (?) donation $16,700 will be used to maintain and refinish classroom flooors. “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight” (Band forms ‘$’) We would like to salute now, the Band’s favorite proctor, a truly great man. “5 Foot 2” (Band forms AXEL) (Axel, portrayed by tiger, taps Bob on shoulder and music stops; then Axel in person taps them on shoulder and takes their names.) We hail that noble institution — the Prince-Tiger Dance Friday night of Harvard weekend by recalling the words of the the anxious Vassar housemother to her young charges as they left last year for the dance. “Hold That Tiger” (Band forms hand) 

PENN 1960

Lades and gentlemen, the Princeton University Band presents a review of recent motion pictures. In On the Beach, as the mushroom-shaped cloud envelopes even the last part of Australia, we hear Gregory Peck cry hopelessly to the sole survivors… (Band forms mushroom) As we enter the revivalist tent of Elmer Gantry, we see Sister Sharon gaze upward and sing…. (Band forms tent) In the happy world of Suddenly Last Summer we see Elizabeth Taylor contemplating the mangled remains of Montgomery Cliff and humming… (Band forms heart) Finally, in Sons and Lovers, we see the devoted son Dean Stockwell fighting the persistent advances of his friend Miriam by stating… (Band reforms heart) 


Ladies and gentlemen, the cavalcade of sports is on the air. (short fanfare) This afternoon we present that great fall pastime, the national election. In the first quarter of the great debate, we hear the Republican candidate exclaim that he knows what it is to be poor. (Band forms ‘$’) As the Band goes into a cabinet, we see Henry Cabot Lodge on his way to North Carolina hastily polishing a speech which he just have in Harlem, and he makes this comment. (Band forms cabinet) And now Senator Kennedy gives his thanks to all those who contributed so heavily to his meteoric rise in political life. (Band forms three rectangles)In the last quarter of the game, Nr. Nixon uses an old play saying that U.S. prestige is at an all-time high. Mr. Kennedy counters… (Band forms USSR) 

YALE 1960

Ladies and gentlemen, the Princeton University Band presents There You Are, a survey of momentous events in world history. We take you back to Elsinore castel in Denmark. After his mother’s death, Prince Hamlet stabs his uncle and gives this explantion. (Band forms ‘POP’) Father’s Day 24 A.D. After years of temptation the prodigal son finally returns home and his anxious father exclaims… April 14, 1865. Across from the Ford Theatre, the sinking Abe Lincoln is asked for his comment on the play he has just seen. (Band forms ‘ABE’) February 14, 1753. Caught in the arms of another man’s wife, the dashing Giacomo Casanova replies to the irate husband: (Band forms heart) November 12, 60 A.D. We take you back 1900 years to a stadium not much larger than Yale Bowl. Impatiently awaiting the end of the half-time festivities, Emperor Nero announces what the action of the third quarter will be.  


(fanfare) Good afternoon football fans. The Princeton University Band presents “Myth of Masterpiece,” a study of great stories. We take you back first to eleventh century England and invite you to join us in watching the legendary Lady Godiva ride through the streets. (Band forms heart) Another famous heroine is the peasant girl St. Joan of Arc. We hear her cry to her tormentors just before her execution. One of the truly tragic figures of Greek mythology was the villain Sisyphus. The Band now forms the stone which he was condemned to perpetually roll up a hill in Hades, only to see it roll to the bottom again. Finally we peek into Shakespeare’s drama of the Scotch highlands. Lady Macbeth is nagging her husband into the stabbing of King Duncan.