RUTGERS September 24, 1966

Ladies and gentlemen, the Princeton University Marching Band welcomes you to another great season of half-time entertainment. The Band would first like to salute the class of 1970, the class too young to be 69’ers. Hampered by his lack of age and technique, and finding himself overextended in most directions, the Freshman must seek new channels for self-expression. He finds his only consolation to be: “Thank Heaven for Little Girls.” “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” (Band forms ’70’) We next would like to salute the class of 1967, the first class that the university has provided with a seven foot bed. (Band changes ’70’ to ’07’.) Even with all the extra length to play around with, Princeton Charlie, isolated in the wilds of New Jersey, still laments: “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” (Band changes ’07’ to ’67’) The Band salutes the university for ending up in the red last year, the first time since they started accounting. We might also point out the fact that the freshman class has had to pose in the pink, for posture pictures in the infirmary. The Band forms a naked freshman class on the field as we congratulate the university on pulling out yet another method for inducing Princetonians into further alumni giving. “More” (Band changes ’67’ to ’70’) We would also like to salute the hard corps of the Cannon Club who, as a result of their celebration of the Rites of Spring last Housepartiees, have postponed the Gun’s first action until the Harvard game. Forming a nude volleyball on the field we reflect on their athletic endeavors. “By the Light of the Silvery Moon” (Band forms circle) In welcoming the Rutgers horse again to Palmer Stadium, the Band forms a shovel on the field. However, we feel that the grounds crew should receive special mention for making this visit possible. The Band wishes this noble crew a clean sweep in all their efforts. “Happy Trails to You” (Band forms shovel) 

COLUMBIA October 1, 1966

The Princeton University Marching Band would like to take a long, hard look at the problems of urban civilization. The Band, in an effort to lay bare all of the dirt on the eastern scene, focuses its attention on N.Y.C. We find the mayor surrounded on all sides with pollution, what with the political situation, the parks, the Columbia football field, and the Hudson river. As the Band forms a N.Y. skyline on the field, we can almost see the mayor trying to clean up, but to no avail because: “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.” “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” (Band forms a cloud with a skyscraper poking out of the top) Speaking of pollution, we would like to salute Adam Clayton Powell by forming a legislative abuse on the field. The Congressional committee, in an effort to strip Powell of his powers, has been investigating his private affairs, but has not succeeded completely in keeping him down. We ask Powell how he has been able to survive this purge and continue to receive the support of his constituents. He replies: “That Old Black Magic.” “That Old Black Magic” (Band forms blob) N.Y.C. Parks Commissioner Hoving has been trying to encourage New Yorkers to use the parks more often. One of the commissioner’s ideas for providing a more congenial atmosphere is to install a computer in Central Park to match up young lonelies, eager to come together. As the Band forms a red computer light on the field, we wonder just what exactly he is trying to make out of Central Park. “The House of the Rising Sun” (Band forms circle)  “You Made Me Love You” (Band forms elevator shaft with car stuck in it) 

DARTMOUTH October 8, 1966

Ladies and gentlemen, the Princeton University Marching Band would like to (initiate a) probe into the body of the entertainment industry. This question of entertainment is of considerable interest to the Dartmouth undergraduate because they are denied the pleasures of feminine companionship for long periods of time. Although there is a small amount of local talent available, Danny Dartmouth finds he really has to extend himself to get any satisfaction. As the Band forms a long journey on the field, we see Danny dreaming about how nice it was to be in: “Carolina in the Morning” If the Indian is not up for much travelling he can always seek refuge in the tube, especially since there is so much to choose from. In particular we note the appearance of April Dancer as “The Girl From Uncle,” a fitting partner for Napoleon Solo. As the Band forms a miraculous escape on the field, we see Napoleon, tongue hanging out after a hard chase, panting: “Ain’t She Sweet” But if one is really hard up for an emotional release, he can always take his buddy to the movies. In particular we see Danny sitting through the Swedish film, “Dear John” for the third time, ignoring the subtitles. As the Band forms a house on the field, we hear Anna inviting John to: “Walk Right In” And when Danny prefers to hear a show in English, he can go to see “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf.” George and Martha also seem to be suffering from living on a small, isolated campus, and typically resort to drinking and dreaming to survive. As we observe that they cannot live without myth, the Band forms an imaginary child (Dartmouth half-time score??) on the field. “All I Have to Dream” 

COLGATE October 15, 1966

Ladies and gentlemen, the Princeton University Marching Band would like to help the class of 1969 get together to develop a better social position at Princeton. One of the major barriers the sophomores will have to penetrate is Bicker. We wonder how a class weak enough to lose Cane Spree to the Freshman will come out in this process. As the BAND forms a slice of lunchmeat on the field, we hear one of the better sixty-niners cry: “I’ve Got Plenty of Nuttin'” “I’ve Got Plenty of Nuttin'” (Band forms square) The U.G.C. has been extremely concerned about social problems, especially Bicker and marijuana. So far they have done nothing about Bicker, and have arrived at a momentous 6-4 decision over marijuana. As the BAND forms a pot on the field, we wonder if perhaps their sense of values has been obscured. “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” (Band forms a pot) The BAND suggests that the U.G.C. rather devote its efforts to changing the Friday night dorm rule to midnight, like most other Ivy League colleges. We form an extended party on the field as we observe: “You Can’t Hurry Love.” “You Can’t Hurry Love” (Band forms XII, with upper right end of ‘X’ extended with an arrowhead)