1975 Pregames

10/25/1975 — Penn

Ladies and Gentlemen,… the Princeton University Marching Band!!

“Cannon Song” Noting that union walkouts have forced the shutdown of Penn’s Food Services and Libraries, the Band invites the audience to join in a… “Strike On, Pennsylvania” “Fight on Pennsylvania” And now for a real “P”! “Going Back”


11/1/1975 — Brown

Ladies and Gentlemen,… the vacationing Princeton University Marching Band!! “Cannon Song” Saluting out visitors from Brown, the Band poses the musical question, “to B or not to B.” “Brown Cheering Song” Floating across the field, the a ghost of its former self, the Band forms the skeleton of out spirited rotating P. “Going Back”


11/8/1975 — Harvard

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Princeton University “vidi, vici, veni” Marching Band! “Cannon Song” “H” is for “handkerchief,” which you won’t be waving today. “Harvardiana” Finally, the Band forms its famous rotating “P,” saluting all those loyal alumni who “P”-raded to Cambridge today. “Going Back”


11/15/1975 — Yale

Ladies and Gentlemen, as you may know, the Yale Drum Major was recently released from a New Haven prison after having been arrested for leading an unauthorized parade through the streets of New Haven. We’re glad to see him back today. And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Princeton University 100 Marching… pans of lasagna. “Cannon Song” The Band next forms a “Y” for “Why pans of lasagna?” “Yale Medley” Finally, the Band forms its famous rotating “P” — not, as you’d expect, for “pans of lasagna,” but for President William G. Bowen, who despite this morning’s fake newspaper, is still President of the “best damn place of all.” “Going Back”


11/22/1975 — Dartmouth

Ladies and Gentlemen, as is traditional in the final game of the season, Band President John Hillman ’76 is guest drum major of the Princeton University “you won’t have us to kick around anymore” Marching Band. “Cannon Song” Foregoing it’s usual insult to the opposing school, the Band wishes to say it is D-lighted that so many Big Green men and women finally have the chance to attend Princeton, if only for a day. “Dartmouth Song” Now the Band asks you to observe its final rotating “P” of the year and sing “Going Back.” “Going Back”

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