2011 Album

2011 Album, $15

Title: Songs in the Key of Loud


The Princeton University Band

The Princeton Cannon Song

Princeton Forward March

Tiger Rag

The Orange and the Black


You Can Call Me Al

What is Love?

Time Warp

The Middle

Friend Like Me

Great Balls of Fire

It’s My Life

Buddy Holly


Bad Romance

Gonna Fly Now

Forget You

99 Luftballons

Love Drunk

Johnny B. Goode

Going Back to Nassau Hall

Old Nassau

Children of Sanchez

Rock Lobster


Album artwork contributors: Kristen Davila ’11, Maria Cury ’12, Madiba Dennie ’12, Gabe Eggers ’13, Javier Alejandro Masis ’13, Joseph McMahan ’13, Wendy Pan ’14, Nicole Rafidi ’12, Alec Slatky ’12, Gaby Stember-Young ’13

Student Conductor: Jacquelyn Nestor ‘12