Look at that score. Fantastic.
We won by one glorious point. And Harvard STILL hasn't been to the NCAA since 1946. Mwahahahaha. Photo courtesy of Gabe Eggers '13.

There have been some nail-biters this basketball season! As you may know, we beat Harvard in the NCAA playoff game with an AMAZING buzzer-beater by Douglas Davis, final score: 63-62.

If you haven’t seen the buzzer-beater, check out the following videos.

http://vimeo.com/20973769?SPSID=46553&SPID=4231&DB_OEM_ID=10600 (this is my favorite of all videos I’ve seen. Harvard’s #10 looks pretty silly when he is trying to heckle Dan Mavraides teeheehee). Read More

Brown game!

That has got to be at least a foot and a half of snow. Crazy.


On Friday, we beat Brown 78-60. On Saturday, we beat Yale 67-63 in a white-knuckled nail-biter. It was great.

But look at what we had to endure to get there. So much snow! Read More

Dean’s Date 2011! And some games too.

write write write write write
We are so studious, Band! Look at us and our papers. And by studious I mean good at playing the toilet seat. And by papers I mean music.

We have had an exciting year so far, Band! Congrats freshmen on completing your first semester, you made it. How did Dean’s Date treat you? Let’s consult the photographs:

Sitting in libraries writing frantically on Dean’s Date Eve:

Running papers into the professor’s office with minutes to spare: Read More

2010: Another year in the Plaid

From left to right: Jesse Adams '12, Doug Sprankling '10, cute pink balloon, Mia Tsui '11. Photo by Jacquelyn Nestor '12.

2010 has been great! Here is a 2010 year-in-review:


Women’s Basketball Pink Zone game for Breast Cancer Awareness! Lots and lots of pink. Read More

Football Season 2010!

Arc-ing up by the new Whitman College. Look at that pretty blue sky!

I’m Elizabeth Shoenfelt ’13, new Alumni Coordinator, here to update you! Football season has come and gone. Here is the play-by-play:

Final Football Stats: 0-7 Ivy League; 1-9 all games. Band: Undefeated.

We played Crest Aquafresh Sensodyne Aim Oral-B Colgate at home. Read More

A Month Of Firsts!

So even in the Spring Semester the PUB has been busier than ever!  We’ve been going to our usual gigs, but the band has had a lot of amazing firsts in the past month!

By far the coolest thing that the band did in March was travel with the Women’s Basketball Team for the NCAA tournament in Tallahassee, Florida!

We actually flew with the Team, Cheerleaders, and Athletic Staff on a Charter Plane, where our bus drove right up onto the runway to meet us!  VIP Treatment! Read More

“Back in My Day…:” A Historical Look at the Band and Basketball

The Band at the 2004 NCAA Basketball Tournament
Josh Burton '05 (right) and Pat Taylor '06 about to explode at the 2004 NCAA Tournament in Denver.

As many of you may know, the band and FoTB (mostly just me, really) are working on compiling a history of the ensemble since 1919.  I’ll be posting topical pieces here to give the band and its alumni a taste of what is being uncovered of the group’s rich and storied past.  Given the flurry of events this week, and hopefully into the coming weeks, I thought I’d take a look at the band’s relationship with the game of basketball.

The band’s relationship with basketball is almost as old as the band itself.  The Daily Princetonian tells us that the band, looking for ways to occupy itself during the off-season, played at its first basketball game on January 28, 1920 against Penn (sucks) in University Gymnasium, just a few months after being founded.  The band, clad only in plainclothes for these early events, continued to play at most home contests from then on, weathering games in frosty Baker Rink when University Gym burnt down, and decades of games in Dillon Gymnasium as Princeton grew into a mid-major powerhouse and perennial “giant killer” in the NCAA Tournament.

Read More

Basketball – February 2009

The band has been faithfully attending Basketball games throughout February, following the ups and downs of the Men’s Basketball team, and the extremely successful Women’s Basketball Season.

After moving briefly into 1st place after defeating Columbia on February 12th, Men’s Basketball fell to Cornell (ranked #22 at the time) in a close 45-48 loss on February 13th.

Along with a wonderful showing by the band, the Jadwin Jungle almost seemed to be back in action as the stands were filled with Princeton students! Read More

January 2010

So despite it being Reading Period, and then Dean’s Date, and then Finals Week the PUB has still been keeping busy playing at hockey and basketball games, and encouraging hardworking procrastinators into the last hours of Dean’s Date!

Peyton Cline ’13 plays trombone ontop of Jeff Bagdis ’08 at the Men’s Hockey game against Union.  The Tigers would go on to lose the game 3-7.

Ambushing students on the 3rd Floor of Frist on Dean’s Date Eve. Read More