The Band Is Still Undefeated

Hello folks! Sorry for leaving this blog unattended for a while. I’m Annie, the new Alumni Coordinator, and I thought I’d write a nice summary of the 2012 Football Season. At the start of the season we weren’t expecting anything out of the ordinary from our team, but after a 3-game winning streak in the Ivies and two fountain gigs, the Tigers were in the middle of the best season they’d seen in years.

The same thing can be said for the band. We had a HUGE influx of new freshmen. Seriously, we love you guys. And a bunch of alums visited us, too! But mainly, we went on many adventures together, including:

-An overnight at Columbia with a visit to Times Square and some students toughing it out in Harlem overnight

The band in Times Square NYC

-A wonderful fountain gig with the lovely Brown band

The Princeton Band plays with the Brown Band in the fountain

-Probably the best football game any of us has ever seen where Princeton came back against Harvard  in the 4th quarter and won 39-34

Fountain gig after the victory against Harvard

-A trip to the north pole- I mean, Cornell- where they threw tomatoes at us to congratulate us for our beautiful spreading of merriment

-An early morning bus ride to Yale where we played inside a residential college and bothered the students “who were trying to sleep,” according to the residential college president who came out to speak to us in her bathrobe. I think Jemma summed it up quite nicely: “That’s the point!”

-Shirley Tilghman joining us in the stands at the Dartmouth game.

Shirley visits the band in the stands!


-Oh right, and a Bonfire for the first time since 2006!

Princeton Bonfire 2012 (image courtesy PAW)

What an incredible season for Princeton Football, who ended up 4-3 in the Ivy League.

A great big thanks to all our wonderful officers from this past year for all their hard work in engineering yet another undefeated season for the one and only Princeton University Band!

~Annie Cardinal ’15 AC

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