Band Council

The group of people that elects all of the band officers except the President, who is elected by popular vote. For the other offices, Band Council discusses each of the candidates in a formal setting and then votes to elect each position.

Who can be on Band Council?  Anyone who’s a voting member of the band (i.e., Princeton students who have been to a majority of football games over the past season, or anyone with permission from the President). There’s no limit to how many people can participate in Band Council, and Band Council seats are no longer elected.

If you cannot or do not wish to serve on Band Council, you can still have your voice heard by submitting an advocacy statement. An advocacy statement is a brief letter to Band Council that expresses your opinion.  In the event that you want to be anonymous, the chair will read the advocacy statement at the proper time in the band council discussion.  If you do not wish to be anonymous, a Band Councilor of your choosing can read your statement.