Office Descriptions


To get a better sense about an office, email the current and past office holders. Many of the past office holders have graduated.  Email me if you want to get in touch with them.  Anyone can run for any office, with three exceptions: President Drum Major, and Student Conductor must have been band members for at least one full year (sorry, freshmen).

President: Responsible for communicating with the grown-ups of the world on behalf of the band (Princeton’s Administration, Athletics, Law Enforcement,etc).  In charge of setting budget, schedule, the band t-shirt, and recruitment plan.  Manages the officer corps and appoints Webmasters.  Sends a lot of emails and takes care of the stands and chairs for rehearsal.

Current Office Holder: Paloma Aguas '18 Past Office Holders: Mandy Lawrence ’14, Lisa Yankowitz ’13, Nicole Rafidi ’12, Kristen Davila ’11, Hannah Valdez ’11

Drum Major: Responsible for the creation and execution of field shows. Schedules all gigs, athletic and non-athletic, especially Reunions. Keeper of the Carmina. Appoints Announcer.  Also in charge of band intramurals. Dances like a fool in front of the band.

Current Office Holder: Zhi-Shui Hsu '18 Past Office Holders: Nicky Robinson ’15, Joseph McMahan ’13, Alec Slatky ’12, Rachel Sverdlove ’11, Doug Sprankling ’10

Head Manager: Responsible for food, uniforms, lodging and transportation of the band. Communicates with other schools’ bands and coordinates hosting them.

Current Office Holder: Lucinda Pastora '18 Past Office Holders: Tyler Davis ’15, Evan Leichter ’13, Matthew Edwards ’12, Carol Dreibelbis ’11, Mia Tsui ’11

Treasurer: Sets budget and keeps track of band expenditures.  Is in charge for the one weekend that the previous three officers are away.

Current Office Holder: Adam Kochanowicz '19 Past Office Holders: Matthew Shackelford ’15, Seth Gordon ’13, Joseph McMahan ’13, Lindsey Breuer ’11, Rachel Thorman ’11

Conductor: Musical director of band.  Runs rehearsals, manages the repertoire and waves arms around.

Current Office Holder: Kyle Groves '19 Past Office Holders: Bryan Jacobowitz ’15, Sterling Chu ’13, Jacquelyn Nestor ’12, Mia Tsui ’11, Simon Krauss ’11

Drill Master: Akin to section leader.  Responsible for throwing parties, section bonding and sectionals.  Manages purchase of instruments and supplies, as well as instrument upkeep.  Makes sure the instruments are where they’re supposed to be.  Takes attendance and sends out weekly SCHEDULE emails.  There are 4 of them.

Current Office Holders: Roland Fong '19, Kayli Marshall '19, John Rios '18, Rachel Coe-Scharff '19 Past Office Holders: Megan Kennedy ’15, Glenn Fisher ’15, Alice Kroutikova ’15, Emily Bobrick ’15, Mario Alvarez ’14, Amanda Lawrence ’14, Ballard Metcalfe ’14, Dillon Reisman ’14, Nick Burton ’13, Seth Gordon ’13, Evan Leichter ’13, L Yankowitz ’13, Anna Condella ’12, Madiba Dennie ’12, Matthew Edwards ’12, Nicole Rafidi ’12, Lindsey Breuer ’11, Kristen Davila ’11, Carol Dreibelbis ’11, Rachel Sverdlove ’11

Librarian: Manages music inventory and prepares sheet music for rehearsals.  Gets yelled at and likes it. There are two of them.

Current Office Holders: Alex Cox '20, Destiny Eisenhour '20 Past Office Holders: Angeline Jacques ’16, Riley Fitzgerald ’16, Karenna Martin ’15, Glenn Fisher ’15, Katherine Gregory ’13, Dillon Reisman ’14, Seth Gordon ’13, Evan Leichter ’13, Jacquelyn Nestor ’12, Peggy Young ’12

Alumni Coordinator: Updates blog and sends email updates to alumni.  Coordinates them when they come to gigs.  Assists other officers in their crazy projects.  Manages the Band Reunions tent.

Current Office Holder: Eli Tettelbach '18 Past Office Holders: Annie Cardinal ’15, Matthew Kirschner ’14, Elizabeth Shoenfelt ’13, Jacquelyn Nestor ’12, Lucy Reeder ’12